Probus Tours

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Remember cash or Cheque only, you must pay when you sign-up.

November 18th
Ontario in the Fall
…… 9:00 am leave Cambridge Centre,
lunch at Mylar & Loreta’s, Giffen Country Market, Osprey Bluffs Honey Company,
lastly   The Feversham Emporium
…… home 5:30 – 6:00  All for $70
See MJ to book your spot.

November 24th
Starbright Singers, at Victoria Playhouse, Petrolia

November 27th
One of a Kind Show in Toronto,

Interest Groups

Euchre …. Details at the September General meeting
Bridge ….. Details at the September General meeting
Golf ……… I’m sure they all broke Par ….there will be stories to tell!
Art ……….. September 22nd /23rd Cambridge Studio Tour

Please contact Janet Huber 519-267-3804 for details.

Your Probus 2018-2019 Management Committee

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Treasurer:  Anne Groulx 519-740-2084
Secretary:  Sandy Guille 519-895-8698
Membership:  Marilyn Parkinson-Crump 519-653-9743
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