Here’s what women have said about the Women’s Probus Club of Cambridge.

On April 7, 1999 approximately 103 excited women answered the call from Men’s PROBUS Member Ted Turner, to meet at the Galt Country Club where we were encouraged to join a new Women’s PROBUS Club of Cambridge. We have grown and expanded our interests and met many new women. As a Charter member, I am still dedicated to the club and I look forward to each meeting we have.



Being a member of both Cambridge Probus groups has given me a great opportunity
to meet some really interesting and diverse women.
Both groups are really wonderful. There are interesting speakers, great opportunities for travel, theatre, luncheons, new hobbies to try out, just gabbing with women. I have made some wonderful new friends.
It’s like being in a Giant Sisterhood!



This message is intended to demonstrate my heartfelt appreciation of becoming a new member of Probus. When I first moved to the Galt area in 2015 it was because of the proximity to my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren who were living in Toronto. However, it is not an area with which I was familiar and, indeed, having moved from Mexico where I had lived for the previous 6 years, I knew no-one at all, and had no experience of what one did to make friends and become part of a community in Canada. Not being able to drive was a further handicap to getting out and about and meeting people. You can therefore imagine my delight when a then acquaintance (now a friend) in my building took me to a Probus meeting. I was very excited to join and meet the ladies who make up the club, and this experience has certainly changed and enriched my time in Cambridge. I have gone on trips and discovered the beauty and history of the area in which I live; attended plays in Toronto, joined in community events of which I would have previously had no knowledge, and spoken to many interesting and lovely members who have become friends. The meetings I have attended are extremely interesting, giving a broader perspective on the community in which I have chosen to live and it is truly an enjoyable learning opportunity to be a part of an organization made up of members from all walks of life with different experiences and points of view to share.