Program Schedule

Program Schedule Sep 2018 – Jun 2019
Be a Friend, Bring a Friend

Sept. 19, 2018 “Mrs. Brown Cooks” Speaker:
Linda Brown
Oct 17, 2018 “Culinary Market Place”
Members are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items as a contribution to the local Food Bank
Oakridge Acres and Monigram Coffee will share their experiences as local food purveyors
Nov 21, 2018 “Fraud Awareness for Seniors” Speaker:
P. Brock Godfrey
Dec 19, 2018 Annual Festive Luncheon
Jan 16, 2019 “Cambridge Symphony Orchestra – An introduction” Speaker:
Sabatino Vacca
Feb 20, 2019 “Spotlight on the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association” Speaker:
Janet Simms-Baldwin
Mar 20, 2019 “About the Wellington County Museum and Archives” Speaker:
Kyle Smith
Apr 17, 2019 “Welcome to the Idea Exchange” Speaker:
Jaime Griffis
May 15, 2019 “Langs – Innovations in Primary Care” Speaker:
Bill Davidson
Jun 19, 2019 Annual Wrap-up Event