50+ Active Living Fair

Active Living Poster

All three Probus clubs will have booth, would you be willing to help to
“man” the booth for an hour or so?   If Yes, let Helen S. know.

If you are unable to help maybe you could come and support this venture with your attendance.

Thursday, September 27, 2-7pm
Hespeler Arena
640 Ellis Road West

Healthy, active living will be celebrated with live demonstrations, healthy snacks, exhibitors, seminars and more!

Join Us!

The Seniors Information and Active Living Fairs are a public education initiative developed in partnership with the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat to increase seniors awareness about the programs and services to which they are entitled, knowledge on healthy aging and lifestyles and recognition of seniors contributions.


Probus Tours

See the Trip Table for more details, regarding payment and due dates.
Remember cash or Cheque only, you must pay when you sign-up.

November 18th
Ontario in the Fall
…… 9:00 am leave Cambridge Centre,
lunch at Mylar & Loreta’s, Giffen Country Market, Osprey Bluffs Honey Company,
lastly   The Feversham Emporium
…… home 5:30 – 6:00  All for $70
See MJ to book your spot.

November 24th
Starbright Singers, at Victoria Playhouse, Petrolia

November 27th
One of a Kind Show in Toronto,